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About Us

About Environmental Landscaping, LLC

Landscaping and Lawn Care for Residential Properties

We began 11 years ago with a simple vision to produce superior landscapes. We became a professional company with competitive prices and created a crew based on excellent workmanship, customer satisfaction, and real care.

Environmental Landscaping was transformed with help from community and a solid client base. Since then we have become a company built with pride and professionalism. Despite these exciting developments, our original vision for hard work and value has remained the same.

Committed to Excellence, Service & Customer Satisfaction

Our clients expect quality services in the South Florida area. of landscaping and lawn care. Our core values are consistent across the entire company and crew. We set our landscaping and lawn care services apart from the competition.

Other factors that differentiate our dedicated team of landscaping experts include:

  • FAST RESPONSE TIMES – Timely Response Guarantee
  • ADVANCED EQUIPMENT – From dethatching equipment to aeration equipment to snow plows, our grounds care service crews are fully equipped with the state-of-the-art technology and tools we need to get the job done right. Our equipment is sharpened daily.
  • PROFESSIONALISM – We use clean, marked trucks and our crews arrive in uniform.
  • COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE – We utilize Status and Quality reports delivered in a timely manner to ensure that our work always meets or exceeds our high standards of excellence.
  • FRIENDLY AND COURTEOUS CREWS – Our team members are friendly, prompt, professional, and highly trained.